Turning detailed Thinking into transformative Solutions


The Africa Sustainability Centre is a leading partner in innovative sustainable solutions. In the last five years, ASCENT has taken a central role in transforming the way climate finance and climate change is viewed and approached in Africa.

We are actively involved in building the capacity of implementing agencies and countries to build strong relevant project pipelines focusing on maximizing climate interventions (both adaptation and mitigation) while ensuring local ownership by demonstration and in practice.


Think Sustainability, Foster a Mindset for Development, Create Progress & Share Knowledge

Our programmes are based on co-design and ownership. We stimulate ideas and foster actions through catalysing innovative solutions and applying cutting edge technology, adapted to Africa’s needs and capabilities.

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We create an inclusive platform for knowledge exchange among African governments, public and private sectors as well as civil society. This is the ever-important goal for generating and disseminating new sustainable solutions.

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We propose to address the mounting problems in Africa vis-à-vis three major pillars of social transformation SUSTAINABILITY | RULE OF LAW | EMPOWERMENT & PARTNERSHIP

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Climate Finance in Africa

Of the many variables that threaten Africa’s development, climate change IS the biggest of all and the continent faces extreme vulnerabilities. Global mechanisms exist to manage the climate vulnerabilities and Africa must tap into these mechanisms. However, capacity is limited. ASCENT has distinguished itself in assisting countries to access climate finance and build national capacity for countries to optimise on these global mechanisms. This is, by training, demonstration and network development/strategic partnerships.

ASCENT is also actively involved in building the capacity of implementing agencies of the global mechanisms to build strong relevant project pipelines focusing on maximising climate interventions (both adaptation and mitigation). ASCENT’s unique approach of ensuring local ownership by demonstration and in practice continues to appeal to the countries we work in and beyond as effectiveness of the intervention is guaranteed.

ASCENT, as a think-tank, develops impact-oriented projects for countries tailor-making them to the national needs. Based on these, we assist the countries to identify the best suited agencies and other sources through which to access climate finance.

Our climate finance activities currently cover



with various agencies for the GCF, GEF and AF



in East, Central
& West Africa


Total Volume

 in project development 

The imperative call for Change

Africa – Gulf Nexus

How to ensure capacity for an inclusive sustainability system that focuses on national policies, institutional frameworks and natural resource management that are conducive to achieving sustainable development goals? How to best engage countries in this endeavour?

ASCENT in full awareness of the complex challenges facing the Gulf Region, strives to bring impact by operating as “co-designer”, motivated to work in close collaboration with stakeholders (especially beneficiaries) by building participative solutions, ASCENT has taken a central role in transforming the way climate finance and climate change effects are undertaken in Africa and our pledge is to transfer this know-how in the GCC Region. Some of the common issues and challenges faced in these regions are desertification, water scarcity, climate change, waste management and chemical safety, health and environment, air quality, land degradation and dilapidation of ecosystems. These are the challenges that ASCENT has interest in, to assist Governments with the needs to address these issues through improved governance and compliance to international agreements.

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The Role of a Think Tank in problem solving for Africa’s Development

Think Tanks can play a role in problem-solving for Africa’s development, with ideas for policy intervention and restoration of harmony between the state, the private sector and civil society.

Who Needs Climate Finance Anyway

Why is climate finance becoming such a central topic in the global economy? Climate change disrupts development, a gap that climate finance is filling.