We have a deep commitment to advancing Africa’s sustainability, in environment, in economy and in society.

ASCENT has a strong team of in-house experts and a wide network and a database of dozens of experts. This covers different fields of expertise that address the most complex challenges facing Africa.

The ASCENT Approach has been highly successful because it is entrenched in the tenets of learning-by-doing where we engage local experts in doing the tasks so that the local capacity is built by actual delivery rather than training.



bilingual with more than 10 years of experience with offices in West, Central and East Africa


Climate Finance Projects

to foster climate resilience, capacity building and sustainable development



for projects submitted in main environmental multilateral funds, every year since 2015


Our work transforms markets, communities, and lives.

ASCENT’s interventions have so far benefited: the Central African Republic, Togo, Cameroon and Mali through the development and implementation of projects funded by the main environmental multilateral funds, namely Global Environment Facility (GEF), the Adaptation Fund (AF) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF). In addition to these projects, ASCENT is developing projects for Mali (02), Senegal (02) and Kenya (03) for the Green Climate Fund. Additionally, ASCENT is supporting Niger, Togo and Zimbabwe to mobilize more financial resources under the GCF’s Country Readiness Support Programme, which enables countries (institutions and individuals) to better engage and access GCF resources.

Our Strategy

In our continued approach in being impact-oriented and our commitment to understanding challenges, creating solutions and establishing a platform of partnership and shared knowledge to assist governments and the people of Africa, ASCENT has forged partnership with many experts and institutions by recognizing the convergence of our respective missions and the existence of synergy opportunities to give more depth to our actions.

Reinforcing this endeavor is a continental value-base that underscores inter connectedness and mutual cooperation. We recognize the complexity of the human environment and that making changes can only come from the individual or individuals working in a collective community, encouraged and stimulated by government policies and actions. We join innovative and technical expertise with strategic and scientific skills, practical orientation, and efficient problem-solving — our approach to advising covers all production and services phases and the entire project cycle.

IFAD NDA Partnership

IFAD in partnership with ASCENT launched the NDA Partnership in Agriculture. This strategic partnership aims to enhance the cooperation between IFAD, an accredited entity, and NDAs

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scaling up and replicating successful sustainable land management and agroforestry practices in the Koulikoro region of Mali

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Our Services

We specialise in working in this multi-disciplinary arena. Our services range from strategy, capacity development, evaluation and monitoring, to technology and knowledge management consulting. We plan and manage multifaceted projects for private and public clients and effectively develop mixed national and international development programmes.

Projects in Concept



Why is climate finance becoming such a topic in the economy?

Climate change disrupts development, a gap that climate finance is filling. The next few days and weeks are arguably historic in the emerging sector of climate finance. On the 23-29th June, GEF is holding the Sixth GEF Assembly in Vietnam.

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Effectiveness of carbon pricing & implications for African nations

A carbon tax and cap and trade system have for goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but how do governments use them in reality? How does the concept fit in the African context?