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Think Tanks can play a role in problem-solving for Africa’s development, with ideas for policy intervention and restoration of harmony between the state, the private sector and civil society. The creation of an institution that integrates economic factors, rule of law, empowerment and partnership is essential for the advancement of sustainable development.

We find that states in Africa need assistance in the implementation of both policies and development projects. The pragmatism of our Think Tank, facilitates evolution through the sharing of experience, popularization and transparency essential to SD.

We propose to address the mounting problems in Africa vis-à-vis three major pillars of social transformation (sustainability, the rule of law and empowerment). Through strategic partnerships and local governments and programmes, we intend to create a framework of sustainability that works harmoniously within the socioeconomic climate of the region.

We will leverage our local connections to spread awareness and introduce strong rule of law to protect and foster innovation. Finally, we will extend our personal touch to enterprise and entrepreneurship, specifically through youth programmes intended to build up and prepare a growing population for economic success.

In the emerging shifts in the world economic and social order, a young and vibrant African population is steeped in self-belief, and ready to hold the reins as equals over the continent ’s vast natural wealth, as well as governments that are increasingly investing in their people, democratic institutions and good governance foretell a future of great promise.

Reinforcing this endeavour is a continental value base that underscores inter-connectedness and mutual cooperation. We recognize the complexity of the human environment and that making changes can only come from the individual or individuals working in a collective community, encouraged and stimulated by government policies and actions.

ASCENT has distinguished itself in assisting countries to access climate finance. Of the many variables that threaten Africa’s development is climate change- Africa has extreme vulnerabilities. Global mechanisms exist to manage the climate vulnerabilities and Africa must tap into these mechanisms. However, capacity is limited. ASCENT builds national capacity for countries to optimise on these global mechanisms. This, by training, demonstration and network development/ strategic partnerships.

ASCENT is also actively involved in building the capacity of implementing agencies of the global mechanisms to build strong relevant project pipelines focusing on maximizing climate interventions (both adaptation and mitigation). ASCENT’s unique approach of ensuring local ownership by demonstration and in practice continues to appeal to the countries we work in and beyond as effectiveness of the intervention is guaranteed.

ASCENT, as a think-tank, develops impact-oriented projects for countries tailor-making them to the national needs. Based on these, we assist the countries to identify the best suited agencies and other sources through which to access climate finance.

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