Who we are

Africa’s premier partner in innovative sustainable solutions.

ASCENT is a non-profit entity, an African Think Tank founded in 2014 by Dr Bakary Kante. Our role is to partner with the governments and people of Africa to quickly and fully realize their commitments in a universal framework of sustainable development, the rule of law, social justice and entrepreneurship. As an influential African think tank, we develop sustainable solutions that encourages to creatively associate practical and appropriate initiatives to the challenges the continent faces in sustainable development, based on new technologies and the universal principle of social justice and equity.

Our approach

Generating and disseminating by open and inclusive dialogue and debate, the knowledge that governments, society and science has to offer to allow a social transformation process towards a life of dignity and sustainable prosperity;

Supporting government efforts to establish governance structures, institutions and networks that are needed to facilitate the social transformation process, founded on social justice, rule of law and sustainability;

Creating frameworks and networks for supporting the African private sector’s aspirations to establish entrepreneurship that goes beyond just profits to embrace as equally important, the social cohesion these enterprises will bring to the community.

The need for policymakers and civil societies to harness the broad resources of information that exists in public policy research and make available expert knowledge for the development and execution of innovative projects are ASCENT’s commitment. As project co-designers, we work with our partners to contribute to solutions, rather than simply designing what we think is necessary. Our aim is to develop innovative projects and programmes that advance the frontiers of sustainability, rule of law and private-public partnership.

Our services range from building strategies, capacity development, evaluation and monitoring, to technology and knowledge management support. We design and manage multifaceted projects for public and private clients and efficiently develop mixed national and regional development programmes.


A message from the chairman

Together side by side, in a unitary and spirited drive with an unwavering commitment to the sustainable development of our continent, the cradle of humankind and the future of the world.

Let us stimulate new ideas and innovative approaches through an interactive African process, develop innovative projects and programs that extend the boundaries of sustainability, the rule of law and public-private partnerships and preserve the culture and Values through strategic alliances, including the private and trading sectors.

In this new century, let us face the significant challenges of the third millennium together, where the most important is the climate challenge through appropriate responses based on the best effective, efficient, sustainable and replicable adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Dr. Bakary Kanté