Agriculture Resilience in the Region of Mandouri, Togo

A project on agriculture resilience in the region of Mandouri, Togo

ASCENT is developing a project on agriculture resilience in the region of Mandouri, Togo, to be funded by the Adaptation Fund Programme. The project will promote sustainable water management by developing irrigation technologies that reduce dependence on rainfall for agricultural production.

The Project

The project strives at increasing agricultural production while enhancing rural livelihoods to reduce the vulnerability of producers through the water control for production and promoting crop diversification for food security improvement and development of products for improved incomes.

It will accomplish this by a) a construction of a water network for the irrigation of 144 hectares of land; b) a combination of basin and furrow irrigation techniques; c) improvement of the availability of drinking water for people and; d) promote diversification and valorization of products to improve the income of beneficiaries families.

Expected Results

The expected results of this Adaptation Fund project will be based on these following aspects:

  • Achievement of food self-sufficiency and sustainable land management through better water management for agricultural production;
  • Strengthen the resilience of producers by improving their income and promoting new income-generating activities;
  • Adopt new agricultural production techniques by farmers, breeders, and fish farmers;
  • Boosted cooperative structures;
  • Trained technicians and sensitized communities with the technical use of surface water for irrigation of crops;
  • A better understanding of climate change impacts by the communities and local representatives of the region and their involvement in the implementation of adaptation measures;
  • Prioritized climate protection practices at the local level and mainstream them into policy development at the local scale systematically.

As our unrelenting mission to mitigate climate change, we strive in not only developing impact-oriented projects for countries tailor-making them to the national needs but partner with African countries in executing them, stimulate new ideas and innovative approaches through an interactive African process, with a specific objective – strengthening African institutional and human capacity.

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