Capacity Builiding

One of the most important areas of SD in a country is its capacity building. African countries lack expertise and capacity to draft and submit projects at the multilateral and bilateral levels. 

ASCENT selects the most promising projects and trains national teams to learn by developing and executing projects so that tomorrow they become the architects of their own development. The goal is that within five years, each country in Africa, and especially in Francophone Africa, has 5 to 10 people with the expertise to draft and submit innovative projects that will contribute to the advancement of SD in the continent.

Africa is the region that has contributed the least to global GHG emissions but, along with Small Island Developing Countries, is among the most vulnerable to climate change.

It is estimated that the cost of Africa’s adaptation to climate change will be between $10-30 billion a year by 2030. This will not only cost governments billions of dollars, but threatens the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people.

It is thus paramount that Africa develops institutional and human capacity, to especially improve its uptake of Climate Finance for adaptation and mitigation projects and programs; to spur and enable the transition towards low-carbon, climate-resilient growth and development.

ASCENT has special expertise to partner with African countries in developing projects in cooperation with Multilateral Fund Institutions, Bilateral Funding Institutions and Development Cooperation Agencies, with a specific objective – strengthening African institutional and human capacity in SD.