ASCENT’s Africa-Gulf Nexus

How to ensure capacity for an inclusive sustainability system that focuses on national policies, institutional frameworks and natural resource management that are conducive to achieving sustainable development goals? How to best engage countries in this endeavor?

The Pledge

ASCENT in full awareness of the complex challenges facing the Gulf Region, strives to bring impact by operating as “co-designer”, motivated to work in close collaboration with stakeholders (especially beneficiaries) by building participative solutions, ASCENT has taken a central role in transforming the way climate finance and climate change effects are undertaken in Africa and our pledge is to transfer this know-how in the GCC Region. Some of the common issues and challenges faced in these regions are desertification, water scarcity, climate change, waste management and chemical safety, health and environment, air quality, land degradation and dilapidation of ecosystems. These are the challenges that ASCENT has interest in, to assist Governments with the needs to address these issues through improved governance and compliance to international agreements.

We stand behind the notion that countries do not need to be taught how to grow. Rather, we wish to share development experience and knowledge in a more open-ended manner, so as to generate tailor made solutions that fit the challenges ahead. The goals will always be to create sustainable solutions and share knowledge that drive progress regardless of geographic locations.

In addition to the multitude of challenges mainly due to climate change, waste management and chemical safety, safeguarding environmental resources and biodiversity is our common pursuit in Africa and in the Gulf region. Our aim is to close the gaps in institutional capacity as well as modernizing policy and legal frameworks to address evolving challenges.

Solutions to strengthen resilience

ASCENT at its core is established as a knowledge hub with solutions to strengthen institutional capacity, policy and legal frameworks of countries. Through a multidimensional board of technical advisors from engineers, scientists, IT experts to communication experts and economists, we provide solutions to strengthen capacity building and governance, and guidance on SDGs priority areas specific to the following:

  1. Develop the national environment strategy
  2. Fast tracking strategy, policy and legislation development in line with MEAs
  3. Generate Data, access Information and use Knowledge for sustainable solutions
  4. Engage with stakeholders for environment management and safeguarding
Overview of Water Security in the GCC

The members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are expected to sustain economic growth over the next decade but must overcome the daunting task of balancing water needs with sustainable water consumption…

Sustainable Integrated Waste Management

Waste generation around the world is on the rise. With the fast growing population and urbanization in Africa and Gulf region, waste generation is expected to rise.

Ensuring local ownership by demonstration and in practice

ASCENT continues to appeal to the countries we work in and beyond. The value in our partnership lies in the effectiveness of our work from start to finish, as we stimulate “collaborative thinking” and exceed stakeholder expectations through our innovative process.

We are a premier partner in:

1. Climate change – Mitigation and Adaptation
2. Climate finance
3. Waste management and Chemical safety
4. Water resource management
5. Capacity building for Institutional Strengthening

Our support channels include:

– Expert guidance
– Full Project Development from concept to Execution
– Research development
– Policy development
– Knowledge Management Policy development
– Training