Climate Finance

As a mean to increase access to climate finance, ASCENT streamlines resources for projects in Adaptation and Mitigation sectors.

Greenhouse gas mitigation and adaptation to climate change requires innovative solutions to adapt to altered climates through sustainable land management, economic activities, infrastructures in correlation with innovative methods to manage atmospheric carbon dioxide through a sustainable production and consumption pattern.

Conforming to climate change demands a multi-disciplinary procedure; ASCENT has built reputable expertise positioning the institution in becoming a premier partner in climate change solutions in the continent. We join innovative and technical expertise with strategic and scientific skills, practical orientation, and efficient problem-solving.

Our method begins by assessing the climate change risks in a particular country and then developing resolutions for adapting to those risks

Our services range from building strategies, capacity development, evaluation and monitoring, to technology and knowledge management support. We design and manage multifaceted projects for public and private clients and efficiently develop mixed national and regional development programmes.

In the lifespan of a project, our engagement can start with the conception of the project, and can include feasibility, evaluation, development, and implementation to post-execution.

The Imperative Call for Change

ASCENT has distinguished itself in assisting countries to access climate finance. Of the many variables that threaten Africa’s development is climate change- Africa has extreme vulnerabilities. Global mechanisms exist to manage the climate vulnerabilities and Africa must tap into these mechanisms. However, capacity is limited. ASCENT builds national capacity for countries to optimise on these global mechanisms. This, by training, demonstration and network development/ strategic partnerships.

ASCENT provides services that support multidimensional target groups which range from public to private sector partners.

We support through result oriented technical advise and know how, countries, national development agencies, implementing agencies, funding institutions to realize sustainable progress within the market of climate finance.


Why is climate finance becoming such a topic in the economy?

Climate change disrupts development, a gap that climate finance is filling. The next few days and weeks are arguably historic in the emerging sector of climate finance. On the 23-29th June, GEF is holding the Sixth GEF Assembly in Vietnam.


SDGs – The Financing Gap in Africa

Where does Africa stand in achieving the SDGs but most importantly what are the financing gaps the continent faces in achieving these goals.